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Jexia has all what you need to create and run application.

Fast development

Set of integrated tools which will cut off repetative tasks in development process


No need to keep on eye on performance and security. We will do it for you!


JS SDK and PySDK will help you to integrate your application with Jexia faster.


With our Appliction Hosting you will be able to host you static site and Node applications.


You can integrate Jexia into your CI/CD process by using our CLI tool.

# As Easy as 1, 2, 3

import { jexiaClient, dataOperations } from "jexia-sdk-js/node"; // jexia-sdk-js/browser;
const dataModule = dataOperations();

// You can need to use API Key / API Secret which is generated in Jexia. 
//Do not forget make Policy for API   
  projectID: "project_id",
  key: "API_KEY",
  secret: "API_SECRET",

// Now you can run CRUD operations for Dataset: clients
  .subscribe(records => { 
     // you will always get an array of created records, including their 
     //generated IDs (even when inserting a single record) 
  error => { 
     // you can see the error info here, if something goes wrong