Before you can start using the datasets within your project, you will need to authenticate. In order to this you will need API keys and a policy on the API keys. API keys provide access to your datasets and policies define which access is granted to which dataset. Find here how to create API keys and policies. In order to obtain a Jexia auth token, you need to make a POST request to the endpoint described in the example and provide the key and secret combination of your API key in the body of the request. The response will contain an auth token and a refresh token. Provide the auth token in the Authorization header with each request you make.


Make a POST request:

POST https://<project-id>

Send your key and your secret along with the request in the body:

    "key": "<your-apikey>",
    "secret": "<your-secret"

The response will provide you with a jexia token and a refresh token

    "refresh_token": "<your-jexia-refresh-token>",
    "token": "<your-jexia-token>"

Advanced users:


curl -d '{"key":"<your-apikey>", "secret":"<your-secret>"}' -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST  https://<project-id>